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    Translations in English and Croatian
    You can entrust us with doing your translations and proofreading
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    We specialise in the English and Croatian languages
    We do all sorts of translations into English and Croatian
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    Proofreading in English and Croatian
    Our proofreaders are English and Croatian native speakers

Contact us at Email me or call us on +385 (0) 1 369 0912

To enquire about our services, feel free to contact us by email or telephone. Our personnel will kindly reply to all our questions. Request a quote were you can send your documents for a non-obligation price estimate using the website form.


Our services

We are translators, court interpreters and proofreaders for the English and Croatian language.
We provide high quality and affordable translation and proofreading services.

Translations into Croatian

Translations from English to Croatian are done by professional translators who have hundreds of projects behind them. In addition, every translation is reviewed by a Croatian language proofreader..

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Translations into English

All translations from Croatian to English are done by professional translators who are also native English speakers who are equally versed in the Croatian language.

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English Croatian Court Translators

Certified translations are translations declared, signed and sealed by certified translators are being authentic to the original document or text.

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Proofreading Croatian documents

Proofreading Croatian documents is carried out by professional proofreaders with years of experience and who are also Croatian language teachers.

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Proofreading English documents

The proofreading of English documents is done by native English speakers who are also professional translators and who really make your documents breath English.

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Oral Translations

We also do oral translations in English-Croatian language combinations. Our translators are English and Croatian native speakers.

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About us

Nitor services is a translation agency founded with the aim of providing high quality translations in Croatian and English as well as providing proofreading services in English and Croatian. Some of the advantages we provides are:

  • Professional English-Croatian translators
  • Adhering to set deadlines
  • Complying with ISO 9001 & EN 15038
  • All translations are proofread
  • Native English speaking translators
  • English translations by native speakers
  • Our English translations are excellent
  • Affordable high-quality translations

High quality

We are able to do the most complex scientific, technical and urgent translations at a high quality

Adherence to deadlines

We understand that it's important to adhere to deadlines for our clients, especially those having strict deadlines

Reasonable prices

Due to the fact that we don't outsource our services to others, our prices are very competitive

Latest posts from our blog

Here you'll find our latest articles on translating, proofreading and English language courses that may be of help. Our authors have endeavored to address interesting topics for those who are seeking translation or proofreading services or English language courses they may need. There are in English and Croatian. We hope that everyone will find something interesting.

Writing Academic Papers - Part 1

In this series of articles, I’ll address some of the issues involved in writing papers and how to improve your writing by adhering to proper English grammar. Given that the main audience is the Croatian scientific community, I’ll also be providing rules and suggestions on translating academic papers from Croatian to English, which I think many will find very useful.



Pisanje datuma ili nadnevka

Nadnevak je hrvatska riječ za datum koji svoje podrijetlo vuče iz latinskog jezika. Jedna od najčešćih pogrešaka koja je ušla u svakodnevno pisanje je pisanje nule ispred jednoznamenkaste brojke dana i mjeseca.



Intervju za posao na engleskom jeziku

Intervju za posao je prilično stresan za većinu kandidata. Uoči samog intervju, kandidat za posao se pita ima li dovoljno iskustva za posao na koji se prijavljuje, kakve su točno dužnosti na tom poslu, hoće li voljeti taj posao, kakva je plaća, nude li se prilike za napredovanje i još mnogo toga.




What people are saying about us

Many of our clients have in the past become convinced of the quality of our services and expressed their satisfaction with us.

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